The North American Background Screening Consortium (NABSC) is a standardized and reciprocal criminal background screening program. Modeled after the highly successful North American Substance Abuse Program (NASAP), NABSC is designed to meet Owner/Plant Facility site requirements and assist Contractor Employers in compliance with multiple site access requirements. With the addition of the NABSC program, Owner/Plant Facilities and Contractor Employers will have increased assurance in the safety and integrity of the contract workforce that provide services to many sites.

NABSC Program Benefits

  • Establishes standardized background screen criteria; Contractor Employers do not have to comply with multiple Owner Requirements
  • Includes multiple professional background screening Consortium Third Party Administrators (Consortium TPAs) to perform the background checks; Consortium TPAs will give Contractor Employers a choice, providing competition and controlling costs
  • Allows participating Owner/Plant Facilities flexibility to determine which contract companies will be included in the program
  • Graded security levels allows participating Owner/Plant Facilities and Contractor Employers with ready access to a Contractor Employee's background screen security status (Active or Inactive), for each participating Owner via the Houston Area Safety Council's Gatecheck tool
  • Contractor Employee background screen grades are portable if they change employers or begin working at a different Owner/Plant Facility - reducing repetitious background screening and related costs
  • NABSC can be easily audited to ensure compliance
  • Decreased number of safety and security related incidents


Official NABSC Program Policy

NABSC Overview Process